A Bit About Crunch Marketing

Crunch Marketing is one of the leading SaaS SEO and link-building agencies. We’re a fully distributed SEO agency that provides actionable advice and insights to help SaaS brands grow their search presence. Essentially, that means we do everything from technical SEO to content and link building.

Of course, every agency has its superpower. We happen to love content and networking, so we’re great at link-building and content. We’re ghostwriting 100+ articles a month for clients across various niches.

Our specialist integrated SEO team has a reputation for delivering highly successful SEO campaigns that move the content needle. We’ve worked with companies like Aura, Writer, Nextiva, and Right Inbox, all of whom surged past 500k+ visitors a month during our partnership.

Our History And Why We Focus on SaaS SEO

Crunch Marketing was launched in the middle of 2020. The agency was founded by Nico Prins, who has more than a decade of experience in digital marketing having worked to grow his own sites, as well as supporting the SEO efforts of clients.

The company is focused exclusively on the SaaS industry. We leverage our experience and network in the industry to develop content marketing strategies that generate a high ROI, and secure links from authoritative marketing sites like BigCommerce, Hubspot, and others. That laser focus has helped us establish a reputation as one of the industry’s top SaaS SEO agencies.

Since launch, Crunch has scaled to a team of over 50 people. Our remote work setup means we’re able to hire the best staff, wherever they happen to be based ensuring our clients get the best support.

Our Clients

We’re proud to serve more than a dozen high growth scale up and enterprise SaaS clients across various industries. We’ve served companies like Aura, GetResponse, Nextiva, Surfer SEO, Right Inbox, Mailshake, Shift4Shop, Writer and many others. We’ve delivered some pretty cool results in that time, which accounts for our exceedingly low customer churn.

Take Writer, for example. We’ve been supporting them since they were a scale up with a small core team and big dreams. Over that time, the company has gone from around 12,000 visitors a month to more than a million, making search the number one customer acquisition channel.

The business has evolved significantly in that time. Writer are now one of the market leaders in AI content generation with a tool used by enterprise customers like Hubspot.

The Management Team

Nico Prins

Founder and CEO

Virginia Felicity

Senior Client Manager

Kristine Mangunay

Head Editor

Lutfiyanti Asrifah

Outreach Comms Manager

Timothy Muisyo

Head of On-Site Content

Shakti Mataya

Outreach Manager

Plus Another 50 People Who Help In All Aspects of Client Deliverables

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