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Examples of Our Results

Domain: From 8k to 2 million a month

Page Level: From 0 to 450 visitors a month

Domain: From 32k to 221k a month

Page Level: From 0 to 473 visitors a month

Struggling to Secure Authority Links to Take Your Website's Rankings to the Next Level?

Link building is one of the hardest parts of SEO. And let’s face it – securing high-quality backlinks to boost your organic traffic can be a real pain in the neck.

Most companies we work with face one of two problems. On the one hand, you might have no link-building strategy or team.

To run link-building campaigns you need to:

Hire an experienced SEO project manager. That’s your team lead. Then you need someone to research prospects, a good copywriter for outreach, writers to create your content, and editors to proofread the guest posts.

You need a big team to secure high-quality links. And you might not make the best hire each time.

You’ll get there in the end because you’re smart 🙂

But trust me when I say, this process is difficult and expensive. You’ll make a lot of mistakes through trial and error.

It will also take a lot of time before you start generating improved search engine rankings.

On the other hand, you have an experienced link-building team. You know how to secure great relevant backlinks from authoritative websites.


The problem is volume.

You can’t get enough powerful backlinks from high-authority sites.

This is a real struggle. The more high-quality links you want, the more staff you need. Getting 40 or so links a month might mean doubling or tripling the size of your SEO team.

Even then, you might struggle to get enough inbound backlinks to boost your organic traffic.

Our SaaS SEO team can help you secure high-quality backlinks through guest posting, link inserts, and brand mentions.

We help teams with no link-building experience, and awesome SEO teams with loads of experience build powerful backlinks. We can help you secure those powerful, authoritative links that will make all the difference for your website’s SEO.

We’ve got the know-how, the connections, and the experience to make it happen. And we’ll do it in a way that’s easy and hassle-free for you. No more wasted time, lost opportunities, or disappointing outcomes.

Here’s a snapshot of the four link-building campaigns we run.

I'm ready for more Rocky analogies 😉

Do You Face These Problems

...three examples of how we've helped SaaS companies scale their link-building efforts...

How We'll Work Together

Kickoff Meeting

We do a comprehensive review of your site, conduct competitor research and identify keyword opportunities. We then discuss your needs and goals.


After completing the necessary research, we formulate a strategy and agree on deliverables. We'll work closely with your team during this phase.


Our team gets to work. We'll secure the quality backlinks you need to improve your position in the SERPs for your target keywords.

Jack Paxton

Co-founder of Vyper

“Nico and his team are incredibly knowledgable in SEO, content marketing and delivering results. We doubled our organic traffic in 3 months. I’d recommend his services to anyone.”

David Campbell

Digital Marketing Specialist, Ramp Ventures

“We've been working with Crunch Marketing for almost two years. We started with a limited partnership and we're now working together across companies under Ramp Ventures. They are professional, easy to work with and consistently deliver results.”

Jimmy Rodriguez

Co-Founder 3DCart

“We turned to Crunch Marketing for SEO support. Once we agreed on deliverables, the project operated on auto-pilot. A great team to work with. We've been impressed by the quality of the work, and the results they've delivered.”

Get Links from Authority Sites Like These

Just a few examples of the sites where we regularly land guest posts and link inserts.

DR 92 5 Million Visitors/ Month


DR 90 7.01 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 85 1 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90 4.88 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 87 6.15 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90 9.55 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 92 18.49 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 77 1.7 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 86 221,000 Visitors/ Month

DR 87 1.78 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 82 1.21 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90 2.1 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 92 27.32 Million Visitors/ Month


DR 92 5.03 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 89 6.35 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90 2.06 Million Visitors/ Month

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SaaS SEO Agency FAQ

A professional link-building agency can provide expertise and resources that you don’t have in-house. They can help develop a link-building strategy tailored to your marketing goals and target audience. This may include conducting thorough research on competitors and industry trends, identifying high-quality link-building opportunities, and executing outreach campaigns to secure valuable backlinks while avoiding bad links that harm your rankings.

You need these quality links, which are a ranking factor, to  improve your search engine rankings, and online visibility. That’s important if you want to boost your site traffic per month. A good link-building agency can also help drive brand awareness, credibility, and trust. This can lead to increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, improved revenue and growth.

When you consider the cost of link building, you get what you pay for. High-authority links from reputable sites like Hubspot are difficult to get. As a result, they’re expensive. Many SaaS link-building agencies charge $800-$1,200 for a DR 90+ link.

That should give you a sense of what you’re likely to spend with most reputable agencies. Our contracts start from $3k a month and go up to $10k+. We’ll only get you links from authority sites in your niche.

Black hat link-building agencies often charge lower rates. That’s because they secure links from irrelevant content. You’ll see them offer sites where the highest-ranking blog posts cover topics like the most attractive celebrity or other random content. While the traffic per month might be high on some of these sites, they shouldn’t be included in effective link-building strategies.

The SaaS link-building services provided by this agency include link inserts, guest posting, and brand mentions. Through our link-building outreach campaigns, we can secure authority backlinks that boost your rankings from sites in your niche.

Our agency superpower is ghostwriting content for people in the C-suite. We’ve ghostwritten content for most of the major publications in the SaaS space. If you want to get your name on Hubspot, BigCommerce, Envato, Buffer, or any one of dozens of other sites, we’re here to help. Keep in mind, we never bill you for a no-follow link.

Before starting link-building outreach campaigns, we first discuss your goals. This is a chance for you to share your link-building targets. Alternatively, we can help identify the best posts or pages for your campaign. Once we’ve reviewed everything, our link-building specialists get to work.

They’ll use their link-building techniques to land you suitable opportunities in blog content. That could involve content creation, content contribution, or general link insert opportunities. At the end of each month, we’ll provide you with an overview of the link-building performance.

Our SaaS link building is targeted. We won’t try to secure you nofollow links or charge you for nofollow links. We’re exclusively targeting authority backlinks from high-quality sites. We can also help you optimize linkable content.

We don’t lock you into long complicated contracts. Our approach provides complete flexibility. Just provide us with a 30 day cancellation notice.

That gives us time to wrap up the contract. Any links that go live outside this 30-day notice period are free.