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Examples of Our Results

Domain: From 8k to 2 million a month

Page Level: From 0 to 450 visitors a month

Domain: From 32k to 221k a month

Page Level: From 0 to 473 visitors a month

Secure Number 1 Spot on Google

Dear SaaS Marketer,

You know the stats; content that ranks in first place on Google gets 31.7% of the traffic. If you’re out of the top five, you’re lucky to get a few clicks a month.

That’s where we come in.

Our Rumble in the Jungle SEO program will help you secure those top spots. Let me explain…

We begin by reviewing your site. We’ll identify and fix those SEO issues that are causing you problems (it’s like the first bit of the Rocky montage where he starts training).

Next, we optimize your content and create a plan for targeting relevant keywords. Finally, we build powerful links from authoritative sites to your content.

Put that all together, and you’re ready to take on Apollo Creed. Let me show you what I mean.

Yeah, there’s a dip at the end. You can see we always bounce back.

We consistently deliver results by following a proven SaaS SEO strategy. As your SaaS agency partner, we’ll deliver:

Think of us as your SEO boxing coach. We’re here to help you smash the competition. Schedule a call to see if we’re a good fit for your business.

If you’re not yet ready, that’s fine too.

I'm ready for more Rocky analogies 😉

Clients Love Our Results

…and they constantly send us referrals…

David Campbell

Digital Marketing Specialist, Ramp Ventures

“We've been working with Crunch Marketing for almost two years. We started with a limited partnership and we're now working together across companies under Ramp Ventures. They are professional, easy to work with and consistently deliver results.”

Jimmy Rodriguez

Co-Founder 3DCart

“We turned to Crunch Marketing for SEO support. Once we agreed on deliverables, the project operated on auto-pilot. A great team to work with. We've been impressed by the quality of the work, and the results they've delivered.”

Jack Paxton

Co-founder of Vyper

“Nico and his team are incredibly knowledgable in SEO, content marketing and delivering results. We doubled our organic traffic in 3 months. I’d recommend his services to anyone.”

How We'll Work Together

Kickoff Meeting

We do a comprehensive review of your site, conduct competitor research and identify keyword opportunities. We then discuss your needs and goals.


After completing the necessary research, we formulate a strategy and agree on deliverables. We'll work closely with your team during this phase.


Our team gets to work. We'll optimize your site, develop the content strategy, create SEO optimized content, and get you on the top of the SERPs.

We'll Secure You Links from Authority Sites that Generate Leads & Boost Search Rankings

Just a few examples of our SaaS content partners

DR 92 5 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90 7.01 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 85 1 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90 4.88 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 87 6.15 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90 9.55 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 92 18.49 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 77 1.7 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 86 221,000 Visitors/ Month

DR 87 1.78 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 82 1.21 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90 2.1 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 92 27.32 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 92 5.03 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 89 6.35 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90 2.06 Million Visitors/ Month

Arrange A Consultation & We'll Provide a Free SEO Audit

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SaaS SEO Agency FAQ

If you have a PPC budget, you know that search is an important marketing channel. More than 70% of managers at B2B businesses use search engines for product research. Consumers do the same type of research before purchasing a service.

You’re probably bidding on many of these bottom of the funnel keywords. It’s no doubt costing you a pretty penny.

A SaaS SEO company will help you rank for these terms.

Improved search rankings do more than generate instant conversions. By targeting keywords across the marketing funnel, you build brand recognition. That means potential customers know your company before they search for solutions.

A good SaaS SEO agency will develop the ultimate game plan to beat your opponents and attract potential customers. They will help you identify keywords to target, problems to fix, and design a content marketing plan to follow. Your agency will then implement the SEO strategy (because you don’t want a big ‘to do’ list).

In a word, they will be a teacher and a guide. Kind of like Mr. Miyagi was in Karate Kid.

The other benefit of a good SaaS SEO company is they provide scalability.

Imagine the following situation; you need to create 50 pieces of SEO-optimized quality content in the next 30-days. How will you deliver this content? Or, you want to produce 40 guest posts a month. Where do you even start?

A great SaaS SEO company has faced these challenges. We’ve helped clients produce 100+ pieces of SEO-optimized content in 30-days. We build hundreds of links for clients every month.

Through an expensive process of trial and error, we’ve built a team of SaaS SEO experts.

Now, you’re obviously very clever. I’m sure you have a great team.

With enough time, you will figure out how search engines work. I’m sure you’ll master search engine optimization. You’ll learn how to find keyword opportunities, understand search intent, and master the content creation process. You will also become great at finding and hiring competent staff and consultants.
However, you will make many of the same mistakes we made along the way.

Those mistakes will cost you thousands of dollars. It will also cost you time, a more valuable resource.
An SEO partner like Crunch Marketing provides you with a team of SEO experts, editors, writers, and outreach personnel. That allows you to grow your marketing team fast, without the headache of hiring staff and the expense of making costly mistakes. You can run an efficient SEO campaign that fills your sales funnel.

Most software companies spend between $3,000-$10,000 a month on SEO. Some firms pay less, others more. A small firm might pay $1,000 a month for one or two hours of SEO support. A global firm could spend $100,000 a month for SEO support, content creation, and help with link building. SEO companies normally structure the contract and agree on deliverables. Here’s a simple example of what a contract might look like:

  • Month 1 (planning): the first month is when they develop the content marketing strategy. The SEO company will do things like competitor analysis, content modeling, and technical audits.
  • Month 2 (optimization): during the optimization phase, the agency will fix problems they’ve identified. That could mean improving internal links, site speed, conversion rates, etc.
  • Month 3+ (implementation): the agency starts creating content and building backlinks.
Digital marketing companies charge different rates and offer varying levels of service. You need to pick an SEO partner that supports your goals. The best way to ensure you do this is to create a brief that outlines your needs. Once you have a brief, create a shortlist of SEO partners. Do your research when selecting a SaaS SEO agency. Look at the case studies they share. Try to speak to former or existing clients. You should also get quotes from more than one company.

Crunch Marketing is a 360-degree SaaS SEO agency (that’s a fancy way of saying we can handle all of your SEO needs). We provide technical SEO, on-page SEO, and link-building services.

Technical SEO encompasses a lot of things that impact user experiences. Site speed is an obvious example. It also covers things like crawl depth and optimizing your crawl budget.

We always do a technical SEO audit at the start of a contract. Our team will work with you to solve the technical SEO problems. You can find a lot of quick wins through an SEO audit that boosts organic traffic.

Alongside the technical SEO, we do a content audit.

We are great at content mapping and content creation. It’s our agency superpower.

We will review your sales funnel, identify relevant keywords, create content hubs, improve your existing content, and optimize your internal linking. We also have a team of writers and editors who can create your blog post content. Our copywriters can create sales and landing pages.

The company uses cutting-edge AI tools to optimize content.

Finally, there is off-site SEO. We’re pretty amazing at this too.

We know which sites accept guest posts and who to contact. We can secure links or guest posts on sites like Hubspot, G2, Shift4Shop, BigCommerce, and others. Securing powerful links from authority sites is the best way to boost your rankings for competitive search terms.

Before starting a campaign, we first discuss your goals and your marketing budget. We then review Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Only after talking to you and reviewing the data do we develop a strategy to increase organic traffic to your site.

It takes time to develop an effective SEO strategy. We need to draw up a list of targets keywords for every stage of the marketing funnel. The keywords align with your customer’s pain points and interests.

We will group the keywords into topic clusters. Some of the target keywords are there for branding and to improve your online presence. Others will be transactional keywords. These will translate directly into sales and help increase your market share.

The SEO strategy we share will have a realistic timeline and goals. We’ll provide you with the broad brushstrokes of our strategy to increase organic traffic to your site before signing the contract.

It takes time for a successful SEO strategy to generate results. It will generally take between three to six months before you notice the impacts of a campaign. A contract with Crunch Marketing reflects this fact.

Our minimum contract length is 12 months. That gives us enough time to work together and generate a return on investment.

We understand that you want flexibility. After all, you’ve never tried our SEO services.

You can end the contract with 60-days’ notice in the first three months. Having this policy in place reduces your risk. We’re happy to provide you with these terms because of our confidence in our service.

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