Cold Outreach: A Four Part Email Series For Enterprise Sales

In Cold Email Manifesto, Alex Berman shares the cold email sales outreach strategy he claims is responsible for $100 million in sales for his agency’s clients. It’s a four-part email series that shares a lot of similarities with the guest post outreach templates we use.

One thing to keep in mind; the template works best when you niche down.

Be clear about who you are targeting and what you have to offer. For example, pitching finance software for restaurants is great. Pitching finance software for businesses is too general.

Here’s the first email.

“Quick question” is one of the best subject lines to use. You can test variations like, “Got a minute” or similar. The ideal subject line is friendly and informal.

Kick off your template with a compliment.

Adding a touch of personalization makes your email stand out. Ensuring it’s just a touch means you can run the campaign at scale.

The second paragraph should showcase the value of your offer. The offer should be niched down. That way it feels more relevant to your target audience.

Finish the email with a “Yes/ No” question.

Four days later, send the following.

Three days after, send an example of a recent win. You want something that builds on your first example.

Four days after you can share the last template.

It’s an easy wrap-up to the campaign

According to Alex, you should target a conversion to a meeting rate of 4-8% with this template. 

The figure seems high to me.

We target a 2-4% conversion rate with guest post outreach to cold leads. Exceptional templates can hit that 4-8% rate, but that doesn’t happen often.

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