Using Schema FAQ to Stand Out in the SERPs

A few weeks ago we started experimenting with FAQ Schema to make content stand out in the SERPs. It’s a strategy I’d seen other SaaS SEO agencies implementing.

Here’s the basic strategy…

I recommend picking two questions. Search for your keyword and use the People Also Asked section for two relevant questions to answer.

Add an FAQ section to the end of your article.

You can add the FAQ Schema using a plugin like Yoast.

The answer should be short. I recommend one paragraph, no more.

You can add a CTA to your FAQ if you want.

Wait for Google to index your content. It might pull in the Schema FAQ.

Your content stands out.

These short answers to questions make a good answer for the featured snippet.

The FAQ Schema strategy can give you a competitive edge in the SERPs. If you’re getting results from the strategy, roll it out to your other posts.

It’s an easy thing to test and add when you do an article update.

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