What is SaaS Marketing? A Complete Guide for SaaS Startups

SaaS marketing is the plan you make and the actions you take to promote and acquire customers for a software business. The goal is to generate awareness and get potential customers to whip out their credit cards and purchase your service. Common SaaS marketing channels include PPC, social media, content, video, and events.  Essentially, SaaS […]

SaaS Business Model: Key Stages and Pricing Strategies

B2B saas business model

The SaaS business model is a way of delivering cloud-based software to users over the internet, usually on a subscription basis.  As exciting as this model sounds, executing it isn’t a walk in the park. The average traditional business survives if it grows at 10% to 25% annually. Unlike this, a SaaS startup growing at […]

What is Enterprise SaaS? Your Guide to Going Upmarket

Enterprise SaaS is a specialized tier of cloud-based software solutions designed explicitly for large organizations. Unlike standard SaaS offerings, enterprise-focused packages come equipped with an array of advanced functionalities engineered to meet the intricate and large-scale demands typical of enterprise operations. So how do you move up the ladder to target these types of customers, […]

12 Amazing SaaS Marketing Campaign Examples You Must See

best SaaS marketing campaign examples

SaaS marketing is a unique challenge, as you’re selling a digital product that can’t be held or owned. And, unlike traditional marketing, your work doesn’t end once the product is sold. You must constantly prove the value of your product to retain customers and justify monthly payments. But don’t worry. By researching and implementing effective […]

SaaS SEO: Generate Qualified Traffic in 8 Steps

SaaS SEO is one of the best ways to boost the online presence of your SaaS product. It’s a complementary route to paid advertising that pays dividends well into the future. This article will reveal how to run an effective SaaS SEO strategy. I’ll cover this in two categories, first discussing the best SEO strategy […]

The Definitive Guide to B2B SaaS Marketing

The Return On Investment of landing an enterprise client can be huge. Getting a large client to sign on the dotted can result in you landing 1,000+ accounts. Getting excited? If this is your first attempt at promoting B2B SaaS, you need to unlearn most of the things you know about marketing. Next, you need […]

6 Enterprise SaaS SEO Strategies That Deliver Results

For most marketers, SEO is all about identifying target keywords, optimizing their sites for the said keywords, and building a bunch of links to get their sites ranking. It’s all pretty straightforward. It does deliver decent results, too. But what if you are an enterprise SaaS and you want to take it up a notch?  […]

SaaS Link Building: 13 Techniques That Work in 2024

Link building for SaaS is a quantity and quality game. You want lots of links to your web pages, but the quality of those backlinks matters, too. So, a link from an authoritative website like Bloomberg or HubSpot is a more valuable endorsement of your content than one from an up-and-coming blogger. In this article, […]

SaaS Marketing Automation: 5 Tasks To Automate

Automation is one of those marketing terms that generate a lot of hype. According to a report I just read, automating marketing tasks can save your team eight hours a day. That is more hours than the average person works daily. The figure made me wonder just how many people were on the marketing team […]

SaaS Customer Segmentation: Segment Users in 5 Steps

saas customer segmentation. How to segment customer

The Pareto Principle of business states that 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your customers.  But who are these VIPs?  Identifying and understanding your business’ 20% is critical to unlocking sustainable SaaS growth. An effective way to do this is with customer segmentation.   Segmenting your customer base streamlines all aspects of your […]