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Our clients have leapfrogged the competition to get $12,000,000+ in search rankings already. Find out how our SaaS marketing agency can help you achieve your business goals.

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Examples of Our Results

Domain: From $96k to $5.568 mill a year
Page Value: From 0 to $48k a year
Domain: From $384k to $1.452 mill a year
Page Value: From 0 to $39.6k a year

The Rankings We'll Secure Cost Less Than Our Service

Ask any SaaS marketer how they scaled and they’ll tell you the same thing; double down on what works.

That’s where we come in.

We focus on the marketing channels that provide predictable, scalable growth. As experts in search and paid advertising, we can help you dominate Google.

Our results speak for themselves. We’ve helped:

We’re here to help you achieve ambitious targets that impress funders, and keep your board smiling. Schedule a call to find out how we can help your company.

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Choose Between Three Packages Designed to Meet Your Needs

We provide three types of SaaS SEO packages that are customized to your unique needs. We can develop and execute your content marketing strategy, support your link-building efforts as an outsourced link-building team, or provide a complete SEO service where we help formulate the strategy, create the content, and secure those authority links.

Click between the tabs below to check out our different service offerings. You can see examples of our results and get a sense of which service will best suit your needs.

A Snapshot of the SaaS SEO Services We Provide

Clients Love Our Results

...and they constantly send us referrals...

David Campbell

Digital Marketing Specialist, Ramp Ventures

“We've been working with Crunch Marketing for almost two years. We started with a limited partnership and we're now working together across companies under Ramp Ventures. They are professional, easy to work with and consistently deliver results.”

Jimmy Rodriguez

Co-Founder 3DCart

“We turned to Crunch Marketing for SEO support. Once we agreed on deliverables, the project operated on auto-pilot. A great team to work with. We've been impressed by the quality of the work, and the results they've delivered.”

Jack Paxton

Co-founder of Vyper

“Nico and his team are incredibly knowledgable in SEO, content marketing and delivering results. We doubled our organic traffic in 3 months. I’d recommend his services to anyone.”

How We'll Work Together

Initial Meeting

We kick things off by getting to know your SaaS marketing goals. This is our chance to ask questions and get those vital insights about your product.

Design a Plan

After the initial meeting, we get on with the research. We'll conduct competitor analysis, and review your marketing funnel. We then put together a marketing plan.

Get to Work

Once there's a plan in place it's our moment to impress. We'll execute the strategy, monitor the results, and report on how things are going.

We Partner With Leading SaaS Brands That Are Dominating The Search Results

One of our biggest strengths is our SaaS network. We work closely and partner with some of the biggest SaaS companies that are dominating the search results. Having these relationships ensures we’re on top of the latest SEO trends, and means we can secure you those powerful backlinks.

DR 92 830k Visitors/ Month

DR 90 7.01 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 85 1 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90 4.88 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 87 6.15 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90 9.55 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 92 18.49 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 77 1.7 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 86 221,000 Visitors/ Month

DR 87 1.78 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 82 1.21 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90 2.1 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 92 27.32 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 92 5.03 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 89 6.35 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90 2.06 Million Visitors/ Month

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SaaS Marketing Agency FAQ

SaaS companies use multiple sales and marketing channels They want to be everywhere to connect with a large audience, develop leads, and maximize those touchpoints. Within the mix of channels, there are some strong favorites.

First, you have paid media. Think Google ads, social media ads, and all that stuff.

You should focus on paid ads if you know your marketing metrics and can design sales and landing pages that convert. Paid ads are a great way to fill the top of the marketing funnel or target keywords you know convert.

The nice thing about paid ads is the barrier to entry is low, and you can scale fast.

You just need cash to get started and an offer that converts. You can improve the returns on your advertising efforts by focusing on conversion rate optimization.

The problem with paid ads is the conversion rate normally sucks. You’re trying to get people to pay money every month for your service. It’s hard to convince people to commit to a monthly plan. You’ll find it easier to generate those conversions when people know your brand.

Another issue, which is a problem with search engine ads, is you’ll run out of profitable keywords. 

To get around this, look into search engine optimization and content marketing. SEO is a great inbound marketing channel. With a clever content strategy, you can rank content for different parts of the customer journey.

Search is great for sustainable growth. You can target buying terms and keywords that are too expensive to bid on. Once you secure your rankings, you’ll keep generating results for months or years to come.

The drawback; it does take time to produce results from content marketing. 

As you generate qualified leads, companies normally focus on owned media. Email is probably the most profitable owned SaaS marketing channel. It has one of the best ROIs of any marketing channel. That’s why people say that “the money is in the list.”

You have other marketing strategies, of course. B2B SaaS companies with a sales team often focus on direct outreach. It’s a great demand generation strategy.

What we’re trying to say is that SaaS companies are all different. Everyone has different business goals.

Someone else’s “marketing strategies” may not work for you. That’s why audience research is so important. You have to research your customers and identify the channels they love. Digital marketing agencies with experience supporting SaaS firms can help develop your digital marketing strategy.

We’re a B2C and B2B SaaS marketing agency. We work mainly with enterprise and scale-up companies. Some examples of existing and former clients include Monday, GetResponse, Nextiva, Shift4Shop, and many other global firms. We also support scale-ups like SurferSEO and Writer.

Companies with big ambitions and a smart team.

Most of the firms we work with have an international presence or have gone through a funding round. They turn to us because they want to rocket their lead generation efforts.

A nice example of a successful partnership is Writer. They had a great marketing team in place when we started working together. They knew what they wanted to achieve.

We’ve supported them grow from 8,000 visitors a month to 2.1 million. They’ve seen triple-digit annual growth rates from our marketing efforts. It’s pretty impressive, and we like to think we can do our bit to help you. With our support, we’ll put you on a path to sustainable growth so you can scale your recurring revenue.

Crunch is a full-service SaaS marketing agency and offers several services. We mostly provide SEO and content strategy. We provide technical SEO, on-site SEO, content modeling, and off-site SEO services to our clients. 

Another one of our specialties is conversion rate optimization. Our in-house marketing team will help to optimize your core pages so you get more customers from the same number of visitors. CRO can really help you nail your annual growth rate.

Crunch Marketing can also manage and optimize paid advertising campaign. That means running Google AdWords, alongside Facebook, LinkedIn, or other forms of social media advertising.

We have a straightforward three-step framework for getting started with new clients. The first thing we do is get to know you. We’ll ask questions to better understand what you hope to achieve from the partnership and your marketing challenge.

Next, we’ll analyze existing data. We want to understand the marketing trends and establish a baseline.

Once we’ve done the review, we work with you to develop the marketing plan. Our goal is to create a growth marketing plan for your brand. We’ll share a business growth plan to raise awareness and generate and convert leads. 

We’ll then discuss a timeline and define project KPIs.

Finally, we implement the marketing campaigns. Our team of marketing experts will take the lead. Our marketing company tracks everything closely. We’ll show you what we’ve delivered, and reveal how our content marketing strategies have helped you get more customers.

As mentioned earlier, SEO is a long-term game. Don’t expect overnight results. We’re many things, but wizards, sadly not. 

So here is the deal. SEO takes around six months to generate meaningful results. Three months in some cases. So, our minimum contract runs for 12 months. But you can end the contract with a 60-day notice period. Pretty sensible, right?

Though not entirely enough, three months should help you see what kind of results we can generate for your brand.

That said, most of our clients sign a one-year contract. This gives us enough time to execute our plan. The clients also get to witness the full potential of our services. Win-win. So why don’t you book your free consultation today?