How to Use Google Sheets to Find Email Addresses

Link prospecting can be an expensive affair. You need to pay for a bunch of tools for different reasons. Here’s a clever way to find emails without paying for any tools (step-by-step instructions for a Google Sheet included).

First, you need the editor’s first and last name and their domain name. So, for example, the name is Timothy Muisyo, and the domain is 

Note; you only need the domain name and extension.

Next, we need to generate a list of potential email addresses. Use an email permutator for this. I’ll use Metricsparrow here.

Click Permutate. 

You’ll get several potential email addresses, as shown below.

Now here’s how you validate the email addresses. Copy and paste those emails on a Google sheet.

Here’s where the magic happens. 

Go to Insert, then Smart Chips, and click Convert to people chip. 

This is what happens next.

Boom! That’s your valid email address. Go ahead and send that email pitch.

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