How To Win The Featured Snippet Of Product Comparison Articles

If you take the time to analyze the featured snippets of product comparison articles, you’ll notice an interesting pattern. 

Take a look at this snippet of the Slack vs Teams keyword.

And this one of Airtable vs Trello.

Another one of Surfer SEO vs Clearscope.

When you analyze each of these answers, you’ll realize there’s a way to format your product comparisons and increase the chances of winning the featured snippet.

First, provide a clear distinction between the two products in 2-3 sentences. Best if you can do it in two short sentences and make it super specific.

Next, use words that show you’re contrasting two items. This is essential for NLP. Words like “while,” “on the other hand,” and “meanwhile” are ideal.

Lastly, think about where you’re going to place this paragraph. I analyzed a dozen of these featured snippets; the majority were extracted from the conclusion. A few came from a callout box, while others were pulled from a random location within the article body.

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