How ClickFunnels Used Category Creation to Remove the Competition

Clickfunnels burst onto the scene with the goal of creating a new category – “sales funnel software.” 

Before Clickfunnels, businesses would use landing page builders to create sales pages. Clickfunnels offered a solution that connected landing and sales pages together in a funnel.

Here’s the homepage from back in 2014.

Clickfunnels let businesses create and manage their entire sales funnel in one platform, from lead generation to sales conversion.

Clickfunnels changed the game by offering a new perspective on marketing:

  • Traditional websites are ineffective at converting visitors into customers.
  • The solution? Sales funnels that guide visitors through a predetermined path, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

The company is now valued at approximately $360 million.

Through category creation, Clickfunnels removed the competition.

The company also owns the language of its category, with “sales funnel software” for a time synonymous with “Clickfunnels.” 

Category creation is an effective way to quickly scale your SaaS. But the strategy is not going to be right for every business. However, if you can pull it off, you’ll create a Blue Ocean where you make the rules.

Check out Play Bigger for more insights on this strategy.

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