How to Use Customer Calls to Find the Best Keywords

Most marketers over-rely on keyword research tools. 

Keyword tools are super helpful, but they focus too much on traffic and search volume. They won’t give you ideas around the pain points of your audience.

Listening to leads on sales calls or listening to customer service calls can help you find your most lucrative keyword ideas.

Here’s an example.

Say you have time-tracking software. Throw that keyword into your favorite keyword research tool, and you’ll get the same old ideas;

  • What is a time-tracking software
  • Best time-tracking software

And so on.

Listen to customers, and you come out with interesting topic ideas that speak directly to their concerns. Things like:

  • Is it legal to monitor company computers?
  • Is employee monitoring legal in the US?
  • Are employers legally allowed to monitor employees in my state?
  • Can I monitor my employees during breaks?

You can use this strategy to identify low-competition keywords that solve problems that keyword tools might overlook.

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